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This was created primarily for a youth choir program but could be used for any youth worship service. The skit is a fairly stand alone treatment of the David and Goliath Story (though the the song at the end of the skit is fairly essential as it sings the story of the defeat). Costuming forRead More


CREATIVITY Supplies— Playdough Canvas and paint Paper and colored pencils Paper and pens (writing) Note cards and pens Way To Live: Christian Practices for Teens by Bass and Richter EXPLAIN – Tonight we are going to explore our creative side. Each of you will have a chance to express yourself in different ways. Creativity canRead More

Exploring Forgiveness Through Jonah, Jesus and Dr. Seuss

Forgiveness: Jonah, Jesus and Dr. Seuss Check-in (let each person share their highs and lows since your last gathering) Jonah Ask the group to tell the story of Jonah in their own words. Create a time-line of the story (do not let them look at the story in the Bible yet). Once they are done,Read More

Who Are you? A Personal Identity Reflection

Who are You? Preparation: Note Cards, pens, markers, white-board, tape Write options for Section #2 on white board and cover. Ask younger youth (4 – 5th grade) to fill out cards for Section #1. Place a note-pad by the door with each line numbered. **** As youth enter, ask them to write their name onRead More