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Telling the New Story of Christmas

This is a Children’s Christmas Program intended primarily for a VERY small number of children in a group. It tells the story of how important it is to share the Christmas Story and how each time we tell it it becomes the NEW Story of Christmas! The .pdf contains the way the snowmanpf font looks.Read More

The Story that Saved Christmas

The Christmas Program will not happen because no one has the time or the priority to tell the Christmas Story.  At the last minute a great idea and the audience who came to the program SAVE THE DAY!

Jerusalem’s Got Talent

This is a Christmas Program written for 3rd-5th graders.  It is ideal for a church which has several children’s ministry groups of various ages and foci (music, fellowship, education) because each grouping can have a role and work on it in their program time. This format fits particularly well in a program  that does notRead More


CREATIVITY Supplies— Playdough Canvas and paint Paper and colored pencils Paper and pens (writing) Note cards and pens Way To Live: Christian Practices for Teens by Bass and Richter EXPLAIN – Tonight we are going to explore our creative side. Each of you will have a chance to express yourself in different ways. Creativity canRead More

Tattling Vs. Telling

Tattling Vs. Telling Supplies and Preparation: You will need a whiteboard or large paper to write on and a poster board. Make sure you have enough markers. Bibles are also needed for this lesson. Check – In: how is everyone doing? Play the SECRET game – first person whispers something to the person next toRead More