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CREATIVITY Supplies— Playdough Canvas and paint Paper and colored pencils Paper and pens (writing) Note cards and pens Way To Live: Christian Practices for Teens by Bass and Richter EXPLAIN – Tonight we are going to explore our creative side. Each of you will have a chance to express yourself in different ways. Creativity canRead More

Exploring Forgiveness Through Jonah, Jesus and Dr. Seuss

Forgiveness: Jonah, Jesus and Dr. Seuss Check-in (let each person share their highs and lows since your last gathering) Jonah Ask the group to tell the story of Jonah in their own words. Create a time-line of the story (do not let them look at the story in the Bible yet). Once they are done,Read More

Who Are you? A Personal Identity Reflection

Who are You? Preparation: Note Cards, pens, markers, white-board, tape Write options for Section #2 on white board and cover. Ask younger youth (4 – 5th grade) to fill out cards for Section #1. Place a note-pad by the door with each line numbered. **** As youth enter, ask them to write their name onRead More

Joining the Story: Full Curriculum

Joining the Story: Introduction and Table of Contents

Esther’s Risk and Reward

It Was On My List To Do … (Jonah)

With Friends Like These … (Job)

Song of Solomon

Ecclesiastes and Proverbs