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Hope and Fear – a Stewardship Message

HOPE & FEAR – A Stewardship Message -Written by Lee Yates, 1999 * Designed to be done at the beginning of service, interrupting the “welcome” SETTING and CHARACTERS While the congregation does get a line (they will always say “Good morning” back when addressed. One of the few for sure things in a church!) theRead More


This was created primarily for a youth choir program but could be used for any youth worship service. The skit is a fairly stand alone treatment of the David and Goliath Story (though the the song at the end of the skit is fairly essential as it sings the story of the defeat). Costuming forRead More

Telling the New Story of Christmas

This is a Children’s Christmas Program intended primarily for a VERY small number of children in a group. It tells the story of how important it is to share the Christmas Story and how each time we tell it it becomes the NEW Story of Christmas! The .pdf contains the way the snowmanpf font looks.Read More

The Story that Saved Christmas

The Christmas Program will not happen because no one has the time or the priority to tell the Christmas Story.  At the last minute a great idea and the audience who came to the program SAVE THE DAY!

Jerusalem’s Got Talent

This is a Christmas Program written for 3rd-5th graders.  It is ideal for a church which has several children’s ministry groups of various ages and foci (music, fellowship, education) because each grouping can have a role and work on it in their program time. This format fits particularly well in a program  that does notRead More

Youth Choir Worship on Daniel

This is designed to be done as a music-led program but the skit is a fairly stand alone telling of the Daniel Story.  It has readings and song suggestions applicable to most youth choirs.

Love Your Enemies Skit

Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48 Love Your Enemies Skit Characters: Teen Girl Spirit of Good Conscience (dressed in white) Spirit of Bad Conscience (dressed in black) Teen Girl: I Hate Her! Spirit of Good Conscience: No you don’t, you’re just really mad at her. Teen Girl: No way, I Hate Her! I Hate her more than IRead More

Fancy Vs. Casual Dialogue

Fancy vs. Casual F You know, it is nice to be in a place that lets us come as we are to God, but at some point God expects more. Even if God does not expect it, we should still give it. You see, people get all dressed up to go out on the weekends.Read More