About DiscipleShare

DiscipleShare-SlideDeck-11The purpose for this resource sharing site is to encourage members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to share resources, from ideas to curriculum, that are indeed “Disciple Friendly”. Disciples Friendly means:

Embraces the Disciple belief in Liberty and Responsiblity of individuals to develop their own understanding of God and the world.

Material across the theological spectrum can be found on this site, however please refer to the previous statement (i.e. no matter the perspective, we encourage ideas that ask youth and adults to think seriously about their faith without simply telling them an answer).

Material submitted to this site is open-source…meaning that it is freely submitted without the expectation of financial compensation….with the hope that with the sharing of our gifts and talents, we strive to strengthen the larger body of Christ.

Everyone, from every background, are welcome and encouraged to submit ideas and articles. The understanding must remain though that the ideas and articles need to be “Disciples Friendly.”

You will only get out of this site what is submitted. Therefore, if 98% of the people that use it are downloading material, but not submitting, our collection of ideas will be small. So please, SHARE!

This resource is for YOU. Once again, welcome.