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Faith isn't thoughtless.  And neither is the Church.

Curriculum on this site is offered free, to use and adapt as you need.  Curriculum embraces the belief in the liberty and responsibility of individuals to develop their own understanding of God and the world.

Contribute, poach, or even just browse -- you're welcome.


Theology Series

Revolutions (Theology Series)

The church must help youth and adults share and learn from each other on matters of faith. Who is God? Who are we as humans? Who was/is Jesus Christ? These are the foundational questions. But they come to life in conversations about bullying, an afterlife, poverty, angels, and natural disasters (just to name a few).

Use the Revolutions curriculum series as a guide to starting good theological conversations with your youth (and adults!).

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible Series

Joining the Story

This chronological study of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible guides classes through the scriptural accounts that take place between Creation and the Prophets. It includes lesson plans, activities for casual gatherings, and is primarily written for students in grades 8-9. But you can easily adapt it to fit the needs of any middle school or high school youth program.

Use the Joining the Story curriculum series as a guide through the classics.